Software Architect

Our offering is to help articulate the architectural vision, conceptualising and experimenting with alternative architectural approaches, creating models and components and interface specification documents, and validating the architecture against requirements and assumptions. We knows that the role involves not just these technical activities, but others that are more political and strategic in nature on the one hand, and more like those of a consultant, on the other. A sound sense of business and technical strategy is required to envision the "right" architectural approach to the customer's problem set, given the business objectives of the architect's organisation. Activities in this area include active listening to stakeholders values, concerns and goals, creating technology roadmaps and scanning for opportunities to differentiate, and making assertions about technology directions and determining their consequences for the technical strategy and hence architectural approach.

Senior Developer

Our offering is to become part or lead your development team. We can help with

  • Entire software development life cycle, end to end
  • Lead others, or others looking for guidance
  • Manage projects
  • Pair Programing

SOA Consultancy

Our offering can assist you with everything from the development of your overall SOA strategy through to planning, design, implementation and ongoing management. If you have already started your SOA journey, we can even help you diagnose your progress against "best of breed" examples. All of this is based on our extensive real-world experience, industry-leading methods and best practices—like DDD Modeling and Architecture and proven technologies like NServiceBus. The advantages? Companies like yours are increasing business flexibility, serving their customers better, leveraging their existing IT investments and capturing new revenue streams

Code Review

Is based on a peer review. If you are looking for feedback on a specific working piece of code from your project in the following areas…

  • Best practices and design pattern usage
  • Security issues
  • Performance
  • Correctness in unanticipated cases